What experience do you have?

I’ve been a television professional for 24 years and have won several awards for creative TV commercial production. I’ve been producing first rate wedding videos for ten years and have made hundreds of couples happy with their videos.

Will you make me look like Angelina Jolie?

Not unless you ARE Angelina Jolie, but I will have you smiling and laughing your way through your awesome day. You’ll be relaxed, happy and in love, I’ll capture it, edit it and you’ll be perfect.

You seem to be cheaper than other videographers, how come?

I’m lucky, I started this as a sideline to my television job and it grew to be something fantastic - an opportunity to work for myself.

That’s good for you because:

(A) Television pay is TERRIBLE, it doesn’t take a lot to replace that income.

  1. (B)I don’t want to get RICH from your wedding, they’re expensive enough without me jacking up costs.

  2. (C)$3200 is enough for my time and equipment.

What’s your equipment like?

I’ve never had a problem - but I’m prepared for everything. I carry a back-up camera in case of breakdown. I use radio microphones to capture sound. Both my main camera and backup are full HD Sony and my editing system is cutting edge.

Having said that - having good equipment is not essential, knowing how to get the best results from people is.

Our wedding is in the Barossa Valley, can you film us there?

You bet! And I won’t even charge you extra! I’ll go anywhere in South Australia - if it’s less than 300 kilometers from home there’s no extra charge, in fact I’ll go anywhere in the world - but we’d need to negotiate a cost.

How will you work with our photographer?

Photographers and videographers sometimes clash - at least that’s what I get told by photographers. Very often I’m told by photographers I’m working with for the first time ‘I’ve really enjoyed today, I usually don’t like video guys’. Not only do they like me on the day, but recommend me to couples afterwards.

I’m not very confident, Do I have to do the interview if we hire you?

Absolutely not. I won’t ask you to do anything you don’t want to do.

Do we pick the songs for the highlights package?

Yes you do. I then purchase a copy on your behalf.

What happens if our discs get lost or damaged?

Great news! I don’t put copyright protection on the discs, why would I? It’s your wedding! You can copy your wedding as many times as you like.

Even if ALL your copies get lost or damaged - no problems, I keep a digital master in case you ever need it.

Are all videographers as awesome as you?


How can we be sure you’re any good?

Check out our facebook page. It’s filled with comments and messages from happy couples.

How long will our video go for?

That’s a tricky one, I can’t give you a definite answer but I can give you a ‘usual’ guide. The highlights package usually runs between 15 & 20 minutes. Your footage of your day can run between three and six hours, usually four hours.

Will you do our video? You’ve been raving about how fabulous you are, I bet you’ll send out some smelly uni student with dreadlocks and a rubbish attitude to do our video!

Nope, that’s not how I roll. I’m the guy you book with, speak to and see turn up on your day. I think weddings are too precious to chance, I know what to do, when to do it - I won’t risk your video.

Uncle Ray has a schmicko video camera and we’re getting a pro photographer, why do I need a pro video anyway?

You’re Uncle Ray will get tired & distracted. Remember he wants to enjoy your Big Day as well. He’s also only got one battery and not much recording capacity, as for sound and lights - forget about it. Essentially your Uncle Ray is about as good a videography as I am at plumbing.

Photos are great, and a great photographer is something I rate highly. But photos and video serve two different purposes. You can’t stick a dvd on the wall & they look rubbish on a coffee table, but a photo can’t say ‘I do’ while struggling against emotion filled tears. A photo won’t bring back the first dance or the loving pride in your fathers voice in his speech. You can’t share your entire day with friends all over the world with anything but a video.

All right - enough already! How do I book your smashing services?

Easy peasy! Head to our ‘contact us’ page and send an email or give me a buzz anytime.

I’ll check availability and if the date is available, email you a couple of documents. You pay a $200 deposit.......that’s it. Booked and ready to roll.

Common questions.

Common questions.

Common questions.

This image was sent to me by the photographer at Amy & Jason’s Wedding.

Amy said ‘Joby you have done an absolutely amazing job!! Captured the day perfectly & everything that was important to me. It was such a fun day & you’ve definitely caught that on the dvd!! I've watched it twice & cried both times!!

THANK YOU so much!!!

This is something I will treasure forever!! You are amazing!!