Remember - this is not rehearsed & these are

not actors, just everyday people who had a

wish to do something unique, fun and special

to celebrate their wedding.

As you can see, it’s not just the bride and groom

who feature, the bridal party, parents and guests have the opportunity to leave their mark on a truly sensational memory.

MarryOke means FUN!

The MarryOke is only to be attempted by the brave and the scallywags.

Those few who want their Big Day to be remembered by all as the biggest celebration of love ever witnessed.

This is Shylie and Will’s MarryOke. I dare you not to smile!

MarryOke means FUN!

This page features Shylie and Will’s MarryOke package.

Shylie said ‘OMG Joby! love love love it all! I absolutely wet myself with the MarryOke what a hit! The highlights video was fantastic also :-) you've done such a splendid job’

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MarryOke means FUN!