We start filming when you want and we film for up to 12 hours. This easily covers both the groom and bride getting ready, the ceremony, photo session and reception - most times until you leave! Some people offer packages by the hour, not us - we want to cover your day in a way that gives you the very best result, and a true memory of your whole day.

We’ve searched competitors offerings

and can’t find anything like our interview.

We start all our highlights packages with this. It’s your story told in your words.

It’s a beautiful part of what we do & everyone loves their interview.

Remember all the couples we film are just like you - not movie stars and perhaps even a touch worried about cameras.

They look amazing & in love - so will you!

You’ll be over the MOON!

You’ll be over the MOON!

This page features Shantal & Will’s highlights (top)

Also Shannon & Stefan’s (bottom) highlights.

Shantal said ‘Joby! You rock my world! Cried so hard for my highlights package loved reliving every moment thank you so much!!!! Xx’

Shannon Said ‘Thank u soooooo much Joby!!! The video is soooo amazingly beautiful, we r watching it now with tears of joy. Thanks for all ur work & we couldn't be happier with it our wedding video YAY!!! Love Shan & Stef XO’

BIG DAY do amazing things!

‘The Interview’ & ‘MarryOke’